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Batman Title Summary

The Many Faces of the Dark Knight


Batman Title Summary

Batman #619

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Batman, Detective Comics, All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder, JLA, The Batman Strikes!, Batman Archives, Superman/Batman, Batman and the Outsiders, and Batman Confidential.

Content Rating:

Teen Plus: Batman, Detective Comics, Superman/Batman, Batman and the Outsiders, Batman Confidential, and JLA.
Mature Readers: All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder.
All Ages: The Batman Strikes! and Batman Archives.


Detective Comics: This is the flagship title for Batman, and the one where he made his debut. This comic features Batman in the lead and has for quite some time. This title often focuses on the detective aspect of Batman’s exploits, weaving mystery and action together.

Batman: The other main Batman title, Batman came into being in 1940. This series had many of Batman’s greatest stories, including the death of Jason Todd, the Year One Frank Miller storyline, as well as having many first appearances of Batman characters like Joker, Poison Ivy, Ra’s Al Ghul, Mr. Freeze, and others.

JLA: The JLA are DC’s ultimate team that consists of some of the most popular DC characters. The JLA tackle world threatening and even galaxy threatening problems that they could never handle all alone. Batman’s presence has often been pained at times, especially when it was discovered that Batman had a file detailing how he would neutralize each of the members should the need arise. He is the teams tactician and field leader.

The Batman Strikes!: The Batman Strikes! is part of the Johnny DC line of comics geared towards children and is named after the WB series television show. This is a much more cartoony character that although has elements of action and mystery, is not as hard as the other titles in the line. The comics feature many of Batman’s characters such as Robin, Batgirl, Joker, and others.

Batman Archives: This series of graphic novels showcasing the classic story lines of the different Batman series and appearances. These are some of the most famous stories of Batman’s history. Most of the issues were created under the comic codes seal of approval so they should be suitable for all ages.

Batman Confidential: This is a series set in the early years of Batman’s career. The concept is that each arc of the comic is told by different writers and artists that divulge key elements of Batman’s history and go into more depth as to how Batman has acquired his crime fighting gadgets, how his enemies came about, as well as more back story into the supporting cast of the Batman family.

Batman and the Outsiders: The Outsiders are at team of superheroes designed to work above the law that goes on black ops like missions. They do the things that the JLA would or could not. The Outsiders were hand picked by Batman and he now leads the team himself. this is the fourth series of The Outsiders and the second entitled Batman and the Outsiders.

Superman/Batman: Superman/Batman tells the stories of the duo Superman and Batman. The two have often had an unusual relationship, with Superman embracing the lighter side of humanity while Batman embraces the darker side. This team is the epitome of brawn and brains working side by side and showcases the talents of the two working in unison.

Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder: This is a retelling of the Batman and Robin story through the eyes of longtime Batman scribe Frank Miller and with gorgeous art by Jim Lee. The series has been panned by some for being misogynistic and over the top, with dialog that is edgy but sometimes so out in left field as to be whimsical. Despite this, the comic has maintained high sales despite an extremely delayed title. Whether fans will continue to go in the direction Miller and Lee are taking them will remain to be seen.


DC Comics


Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Writers and Artists Associated With the Title:

Grant Morrison
Adam Kubert
Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Judd Winnick
Jim Lee
Frank Miller
Chuck Dixon

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