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300 Comic To Movie Comparison


300 Comic To Movie Comparison

300 The Movie Vs The Comic

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Not So Much Changes As Additions

Even when a movie can be so similar to the comic book such as in the case of 300, there are changes that are made to the source material. Frank Miller, a person who has known the movie industry rather well, writing such movies as Robocop 2 and 3 as well as the TV series Big Guy and Rusty the Robot swore off working with Hollywood for just such things. Director Robert Rodriguez pulled him back in when he showed him one of his short stories from Sin City already turned into a short film. Frank Miller went on to co-direct the Sin City movie, with plans for a second and third.

I had heard that Frank Miller plans on directing any film based on his material again. Is that a vote of confidence for 300 or a mark against it? I felt the film really did a great job of portraying the comic book in almost every visual aspect. But even in such a great homage there are changes. Look for yourself and judge accordingly.

Movie Comic
The Queen A lead character and plays a pivotal role in saving Sparta. A minor character seen in the begging of the series but not after that.
Leonidas’ Son Mentioned to become Sparta’s king. Shown with his mother much of the time. Not featured in the comic.
The Immortals Xerxes best men and shown to have an almost demonic appearance. . Also Xerxes best men, but just merely men.
Captain’s Son Shown from the start of the film and when killed, the Captain goes into a blood drunk frenzy. He tells Leonidas that he regrets not telling his son how much he loves him and makes him proud. The Captain’s son is only mentioned when he dies and the Captain goes into his frenzy. He also has no conversation later with King Leonidas about the matter..
Xerxes Men There were many times when Xerxes men were shown to be more than human. The Uber Immortal, the goat-man musician, and the crab like executioner were all such.. There is no Uber Immortal or goat-men in the comic. The executioner is shown using an axe to behead Xerxes generals.
Theron A corrupt politician who sells out Sparta to Xerxes. Not in the comic.
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