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Comic Book Writer Job Description and Required Skills - Comic Books
The writer of a comic book tells the story through words, which the artist then turns into pictures. It is the writer's job to set things up like characters, plot, setting,  ...
Writer's Creating Comic Books Resources - About.com
Check out a list of resources for the comic book writer. Some are free and some cost money, but all should help the comic book writer to grow in their craft.
Comic Book Creators - Artists, Writers, and the Legends of Comics
Bios, news, interviews and more with the greatest creators in comics. Information on comic book artists, writers, inkers, pencillers, creators, and the legends of ...
Brian Michael Bendis Profile - Bio of Comic Book Writer Brian ...
A profile of comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis. Read a bio, characters created, interesting facts, and other information about Brian Michael Bendis.
Penciller Resources - Comic Books - About.com
A list of resources to help pencillers in creating comic books. ... Be A Comic Book Writer · 2008 Comic Con International Panel Picks For The Comic Book Writer ...
Creating Comic Books - Contracts - About.com
Creating comic books is a business and contracts are a big part of that. ... conflicts with or without a contract, but most professionals will tell you to get it in writing.
Paul Tobin Comic Book Writer Interview - Part One - Comic Books
Paul Tobin is an up and coming comic book writer who started with "Bananna Sunday," illustrated by his wife Colleen Coover. He later broke into the Marvel ...
Comic Book Inker Job Description, Skills and Tools - Comic Books
A description of what a comic book inker is, for beginners. ... work, they may need to take feedback from the penciller or writer about what things should look like.
General Comic Book Creating Resources - Top Resources For ...
A list of general resources for the comic book creator. ... Comics · Writers, Artists, and Comic Book Creators · Digital Comics - Webcomics, Digital Comic Books, ...
Comic Book Villians & the Left - Conservative Politics - About.com
Maybe it's time for our political ideologues to take lessons from our comic book writers. Those on the right are certainly not above reducing their enemies to ...
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