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Stumptown Comics Fest 2008 Trophy Awards
Stumptown Comics Fest Award Ceremony
This years Stumptown Comics Fest saw the first ever Trophy Awards. It wasn't on the scale of the Eisners, or even the Harvey's, but instead embraced much of what the Stumptown Fest and Portland itself is all about. The independent spirit is alive and well in this years Trophy Awards.

There were seven official categories for the Trophy Awards consisting of:
Outstanding Small Press
Outstanding Debut
Outstanding D.I.Y.
Outstanding Writing
Outstanding Art
Outstanding Publication Design
Outstanding Webcomic

The hosts of the show were none other than Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler and beside him was the beautiful cartoonist Carolyn Main in a stunningly sparkly silver dress. The hosts were all class as they ran through their opening routine.

The first (and second) winner of the night was Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship. Nicholas took home the awards for Outstanding Webcomic and Outstanding Publication Design. Nicholas is a born comedian and went upstairs to receive his award. He says he was told to do so, but I have my doubts. He even tried to go up for a third time in a row, but was sent packing by co-host Carolyn Main. Ok, he asked me if I thought it would be funny and of course I said yes. It was. We laughed. Nicholas pretended to cry…good times.

Winning the award for Outstanding Art was Barry Deutsch for his comic, "Hereville". Barry was elated and very gracious to receive his award. Also winning, but not present was Shannon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells for their comic, "Skinhorse." They took home the Outstanding Small Press award. Not on the list, but receiving a trophy nonetheless was Julia Wertz for having a great name for a comic - "Fart Party.

The big winner of the night was Erika Moen who won three awards. She won the Outstanding Debut, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) awards. Erika was very surprised but obviously happy with her winnings. Her comic, DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary swept the awards, showing even the big boys that the girls are here to stay.

The trophy awards, although small in size, and wanting in budget, was large in capturing the ideals of the small press comic world. This band of do it yourselfers came together for a night of fun that spotlighted the small press in a way that only Portland can. See you next year.


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