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By November 23, 2009

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When eBay went to almost 10% in fees - (about 8% in listing and closing fees plus the near 3% in Paypal fees), I had a minor conniption fit and have been on a bit of a quiet ban of the site. Craigslist has become the classifieds of choice for most, and you can find just about anything there, including comics. There was a bit of the same kind of mentality I've been finding in garage sales - "It's old therefore it is valuable." But if you look around you can find some deals and if you employ the art of haggling, I bet you could even get a better deal. In this time of economic crisis, I hate to sound like a vulture, but you can get some screaming deals if you take the time to research lots and keep your eye on what gets listed. I usually find that the good deals don't last long, so be ready to strike.

The typical Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - applies here. Be careful taking lots of cash, inspect before you buy, don't rush into it, and be sure you let someone know you where you are going. Keep it safe and you could easily find some great items for your collection.


November 23, 2009 at 2:55 am
(1) Saira says:

You know I so agree with you. I mean the best things in life are free ! and so is Craigslist. I got so much work from Craigslist. I used to use Ebay a lot to buy what I needed but somehow craigslst feels so much more viable. But the only thing i don’t like about Craigslist is the fact that the search feature is SOO limited. I mean i was looking for writing gigs and I had to go through like each and every city through each category. I was so tired of it.I figured there has got to be an eaier way to searh ALL of craigslist and i found this video on Youtube.. check it out..


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